Would you like HALF PRICE BOOKKEEPING every month?

Lady of Ledger Referral Scheme

You could use our Referral Scheme to get this – not just for one month, but every month.

How do I get Half Price Bookkeeping?

All you have to do is refer one client to us each month, and for each client that comes on-board with us, both you and the referred client will get half price bookkeeping* for one month.

So get referring – tell all your business friends how good we are and get them to book a free consultation with us. Alternatively, give us their contact details and we’ll contact them to arrange a call or free meeting.

Once your associate is a client of ours, they can then go on to refer us to their business friends and receive a further month of half price bookkeeping for each client they refer, that signs up with us, as well.

Email us the name and contact details of your referral

plus a little information about their business to:  info@ladyofledger.co.uk

*half price will only apply to bookkeeping charges, not to payroll or QuickBooks Subscription charges.